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Customer Helping Blogs

* What to do when your laptop hangs in while surfing the internet or playing games?

We all use computer sometime in our day for some purpose. Some of us are dependent fully on Computers while some others are indirectly dependent on the computer. So while using a computer we all can face some hanging problem in some situation or at some time. So how to get out of problems and how to avoid them in future?

* Stop Windows Updates

But First Thing First, Why Do We Need To Stop Windows Update? Windows are the soul of our computer and we can’t operate our system without them. But what if windows cause a problem due to update.

* How to disable autostart of computer software.

Most of us many times have some problem when we use the computer system. So to remove and help you with that problem I am here. I gave you some tips and tricks to help you out with your computer problems.

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