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Windows 10 Updatation Support

Hello friends,

Today’s blog is about how to stop windows updates in any Microsoft Windows os.

But First Thing First, Why Do We Need To Stop Windows Update?

Windows are the soul of our computer and we can’t operate our system without them. But what if windows cause a problem due to update.

Like on my computer the problem I face by updates are:-

When I started doing an update in my system I take the time to restart as It takes a lot of time to install updates. Sometimes updates take more than 1 hour to install. This problem become worse when we have to do some seriously important work but our system is not available to work cause of updates.

Sometimes these updates give those features which are not useful and not liked by us. And we can’t even alter the changes as we don’t know how to do that.

So for that, we have to know that how could I stop this windows updates

There Are Some Simple Steps Which I Will Tell You

First press   “Windows + R” and then enter “Control”

From Control Panel click on Administrative Tools

Now Click on Services in Administrative Tools

Then Go To Windows Update

Windows Updatation Support

Now here Disabled on Startup type and Stopped in Service status.

Windows Support Phone Number UK

So this is how we will stop windows updations.

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