Anxiety is a normal human behavior that people commonly feel when they go through some unusual situation or see someone else in that kind of situation. But it becomes a disorder when a person suffers with anxiety even when there is nothing unusual going on around him or he is all alone but feels like stressed and surrounded by hundreds of people. Commonly a patient with this disorder panics when he receives some important task at work or when his seniors call him for a meeting. In other situations a person feels sweaty and dizzy every time he has to go in a social gathering with a lot of people. Support your health and visit www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/ for a medicare supplement plan quote.

Here are some common types of anxiety disorders:

  1. Panic disorder:
    This type of panic is very common and most of the time, this is the disorder that affect most people. In this type, patient feels some kind of terror or scaring feeling like he is under some kind of threat or there is someone out there who wants to beat him or even kill him. This patient panics every he hears a loud noise or watches people fighting outside. There are many symptoms of panic disorder such as the affected person feels chest pains, sweats heavily, his heart beats a lot faster and also some feel like chocking. Mostly people also experience the same feeling like they are having a heart attack or just going mad as nothing is making any sense around them.
  2. Social anxiety disorder:
    This is a disorder in which a person can’t behave normal around people even his family members and friends. Usually the patients with this disorder feel like they are being judged by others and the people around them are laughing behind their back. This disorder makes them do stupid things such as not walking straight, rushing into objects and people and eating abnormally. A patient with this disorder can’t speak normally in public gathering and can’t eat while someone is watching. The most common symptom is that if a person is suffering from this disorder, he feels like overwhelming every time he needs to go to talk to someone or sit with other people ceremonies or family events.
  3. Obsessive compulsive disorder:
    OCD is also a very common anxiety disorder. This patient follows some abnormal routines and does crazy things over and over again. He feels like obsessed with some routines and he compulsively does those routines even when he knows others are watching him and thinking that he is crazy or mentally disturbed. A person, who is obsessed with neatness, always washes his hands dozens of times before eating and every time after meeting someone. The feeling is so strong that some patients take a bath even after talking to a person on phone that they think is a dirty and doesn’t take care of the hygiene. 
  4. Post traumatic stress disorder:
    The symptoms of PTSD resembles to the symptoms of panic disorder but this only happens when a person goes through an unusual situation like an assault, watching someone in an accident or looking at an injured person. Most of the time, the patient with this disorder feels panic after a sudden death of a family member or a friend and these patients take days to recover from this trauma.



Night eating syndrome which is also defined as the habit of eating at night or having too much calories at dinner is not a habit but actually it’s a disease. Same like other diseases, night eating syndrome is very dangerous as it makes you fat within few weeks and once you have put the extra pounds, you won’t be able to leave this habit or lessen your weight as it will require you to stop eating at night and you can’t do that.

It’s a sickness that forces a person to eat more and more at dinner or if he is awake in the middle of the night, no matter if he had a bad dream or need to go to bathroom, this illness stuffs his mind with the thoughts that he won’t be able to sleep if he doesn’t go to the kitchen and eat something like cookies or sandwiches. Although eating syndrome is an illness related to eating habits but science and physicians describe it as the reaction of having stress due to work or depression due to personal life.

Major causes behind this illness:

As we are developing more and more with every passing day, we care less about the people around us. That’s why we don’t have time for a person to ask why he is crying in the middle of the day or why is he walking even if it’s middle of the night. As we are getting more self involved, we don’t ask about the problems our neighbor is having or if our spouse needs us to spend more time with the family and less care about the work. When these type of stressed or depressed people don’t find anyone to share their problems or issues, they eventually feel comfort in eating junk food or taking too much calories in breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many of us don’t even feel it if our spouse or one of the kids is eating more than thrice every day or can’t go to sleep until unless he or she eats some junk food in the bed.

Treatments and ailments for night eating syndrome:

There are number of strategies developed and adopted by the doctors, physicians and health instructors to overcome night eating syndrome. It’s very important to eliminate this illness from one’s life as it damages his health, body, digestive system and more worse, it gets people fat. This late night eating habit force the digestive system to consume the taken energy within the body during the sleep and it results into extra pounds around belly. Head to www.medisupps.com/cigna-medicare-supplemental-insurance-2018/ to get quotes for Cigna supplement plans.

To overcome this illness, the instructor or the physician has to go deep into that person’s mind and find out what’s bothering him and if it’s related to work or personal life. Once that problem or cause of stress and depression is located, it’s not very hard to eliminate this syndrome from one’s life. More a person is happy and satisfied about his life and work routine, the healthier he gets. Also to overcome this problem, try to eat more in the morning and noon but eat less at dinner and even if you can’t stop yourself or feel starving, you can eat fruits or fresh juices instead of junk food and drinks.