Seniors should not enter into an Intimate Relationship with a Foreigner when Travelling

Seniors should not enter into an Intimate Relationship with a Foreigner when Travelling

There are stories of seniors who have travelled to a foreign country, fallen in love with local sweet hearts and eventually moved in to stay with them. Locals in those places you travel to may not be bad people but there are those locals who see an opportunity to make money out of your innocence and out of your presence in their locality. It is sad that people with ill motives may drain your money away and leave you hopeless. This is something you need to be aware of and try to avoid as much as possible. There are number of reasons why you need to avoid entering into intimate relationships.

Not all sweethearts are angles

There may be beautiful ladies outside there who may capture the attention of us seniors. Falling in love when you are old is not a crime but sometimes we may be blind folded by those individuals who have ill motives. It is therefore very crucial to beware of those ill motivated sweet heart who may be after something that we have. It is very important be vigilant and be able to notice those individuals who are after your money and other material things rather than true love. Before you fall in love, make sure that you investigate or even avoid them completely. There is no need of falling in love with foreigners because you don’t know them.

Better travel with your spouse

Seniors are human beings too and it is with that reason that you should consider taking a companion who will satisfy your need for companionship and intimate needs. If you have a wife, be advised on taking them with you on your safari. It might be expensive to travel with your wife but it better than falling in love with other foreign sweethearts who will drain you away of your resources. If you have companion, you need to allow them to tag along because they are your source of support; both mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Never show off when in a foreign country you visit

For some of us who come from developed countries, we may be tempted to show how sophisticated we are living a fancy lifestyle. In so doing you might attract the attention of malicious individuals. With that idea in mind, avoid showing off completely and be safe.